School Handbook


Welcome to Kersley Elementary! We are pleased that your child is coming to Kersley School. Kersley’s environment and excellent staff will provide great opportunities for your child to develop into a well-rounded individual. Kersley is a remarkable community school where great things happen!

The purpose of this handbook is to provide your family with some basic school information. This is also your invitation to get involved in your child’s education at many levels. We have an open door policy and welcome any opportunity to have parents play an active role in their child’s education. There are opportunities to help out in the classroom with academic work, to help with extra-curricular activities, to get involved with the PAC and school planning. As a small school, we rely on everyone to take a role to make Kersley the best place for kids. We are very proud of our school and are looking forward to your input in continuing to make it the best place.

Mission Statement

Kersley is a community-minded school that strives to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and character students will need for the future.

School Improvement Plan

Kersley is working to improve student achievement in literacy and numeracy. The School Improvement Plan targets emotional awareness, self-regulation behaviour, and academic growth in the areas mentioned above. Parents are welcome to review the plan at the school or on Kersley School’s website.

Guiding Principles

At Kersley Elementary, we focus on the “KODIAKS” described below:

Kersley Community

Outdoor Learning and Connections

Deep Learning

I Can

Appreciate Others

Keep Up the Challenge

Strength of Mind, Body, and Heart

General Information

Kersley School: 250-747-2624 FAX: 250-747-3072 

Janene's Cell: 250-255-8780

School District Office 250-992-8802

Bus Garage 250-992-8361

Public Health Nurse 250-991-7571

School District Webpage:

School Webpage address:

School email:


School Start and End Times

8:15 - 10:00 Morning Session

10:00 - 10:15 Recess

10:15 - 11:45 Mid-morning Session

11:45 - 12:37 Lunch

12:42 - 2:23 Afternoon Session


J. Sellers: Principal, Librarian, Grade 5/6/7 Teacher

C. Groll: Grade K/1/2 Teacher

B. Collingwood: Grade 2/3/4 Teacher

D. Flanagan: Grade 5/6/7 Teacher

T. Balatti: Secretary

D. Flanagan: Learning Assistance

L. Hender: Resource Teacher

J. Legere/ J. Petersen: Education Assistants

S. Chown-Dunne: Music Teacher

K. Damon: Early Literacy Teacher

S. Headey: Indigenous Education Support

L. Muratspahic: School Counsellor

S. Thayer/ K.: Edwards Custodians

B. Preston: Student Supervisor

N. Gilchrist: Student Supervisor

Secretarial Hours

We have limited secretarial hours at Kersley School. Please try again if your call ever goes unanswered. Secretary Hours (subject to change):

Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 - 11:00am

Friday 8:00 - 10:30am

Student Supervision Times

Bus students: Morning supervision begins when the first bus arrives. After-school supervision ends when the last bus departs.

All other students: Students should arrive as close to the 8:15 morning bell and depart immediately after the 2:23 dismissal bell (unless otherwise arranged with the school Principal).

Communicating Student Learning

Teachers will communicate student learning five times a year. Parents/guardians will receive three formal written communications and one informal communication, as well as participate in a parent-teacher interview. More detailed information will be available through classroom teachers.

Bicycles and Scooters

Students may ride their bikes and scooters to school, provided that they wear a helmet. There is a bike rack provided for students to park their bikes. For safety reasons, students must walk their bikes and scooters upon entering and before leaving the school grounds.


All students at Kersley are required to have two pairs of footwear: one for indoor use and one for outdoor use. Students change into their inside shoes upon entering the school. During cold weather, please ensure that your child is dressed warmly with hat, mitts, boots, etc. It is helpful if you label all clothing. Attire worn in schools should reflect the district’s commitment to a safe and inclusive learning environment. Clothing should not promote the use of tobacco, drugs or illegal activity.

Cold Weather Policy

When the 6:00 a.m. temperature at the Quesnel Airport is -32C or colder, CKCQ 100.3 FM and CFFM 97.5 FM radio stations will be requested to advise parents that all bus runs will be cancelled. Bus cancellations are posted on the school district website at Teachers will be in attendance at schools, and when there is sufficient enrolment, regular instruction will take place. However, if all students cannot attend, the regular programs will not be offered and students attending will receive instructional support, be offered study sessions and/or review. If the outside temperature is -15C or if it is extremely wet outside, it is an inside day at the school. Otherwise, it is an outside day and students are required to go outdoors.

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The School Act specifically designates a school’s Parent Advisory Council as the parents’ “official voice” to the school staff and the school board. All parents/guardians belong to this council. We encourage you to become involved with your PAC and to attend the monthly meetings. We will announce all PAC meeting dates in our school newsletters, PAC meetings will be held on the last Monday of every month at 6pm in the Library.

Parent Involvement in the School

We welcome parents who want to help out at Kersley Elementary. Parents can assist in many ways through their volunteer efforts:

  • Reading with students
  • Going on field trips and helping supervise
  • Helping with hot lunch days
  • Volunteering as a team coach
  • Helping to make school-based decisions through involvement in the PAC and DPAC 

All volunteers are asked to provide a successful Criminal Record Check before working in the school. Please check with the office for this form.

Classroom Planners

Classroom planners are required for all students at Kersley Elementary. These planners help your child learn and to keep you informed of your child’s school activities. It is important to note that this serves as an integral part of the provincially mandated personal planning curriculum. Your child is required to keep this planner with them throughout the school year. Your child’s teacher may require you to sign or initial the planner daily, weekly, or on some other schedule.

Our expectation is that your child will enter information into the planner during the day and then bring the planner home at night where you will look at it every evening, checking on the status of required assignments as well as reading any comments from the teacher. This also gives you a chance to send comments and questions back to your child’s teacher.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is located in the school hallway. Students will have the chance to look for any lost items throughout the year. Unclaimed items will be donated prior to Winter Break, Spring Break, and at the end of the school year.


We have monthly KODIAKS assemblies and several other special occasion assemblies throughout the school year. Families are always welcome at any of our assemblies or other gatherings of students.


We email newsletters once a month. The newsletter outlines the next month’s activities and events. We also send home notices and special information from time to time. If you do not receive your newsletter via email, contact your classroom teacher. This newsletter is also available on our school website and our Facebook page.


Please call the school if your child is going to be late or absent. Ms. Danuser or Ms. Ouellette will call home to confirm an absence if your child is away without prior notification from a guardian. If you would prefer to use our Attendance Form online, please visit: In addition, please advise the classroom teacher or write a note in your child’s planner if your child will be leaving school early, walking to a different location at the end of the day, or will be picked up by a different person.

Bussing – Bus Students

If your child is a bus student, they are expected to follow the rules. All bussing students are required to present their district bus pass when they board. If your child needs to board an alternate bus due to a change in afterschool care, please call the bus garage at (250)992-8361, to make arrangements for them to board a different bus.

School Calendar 2022-2023

NI Day September 6

First day of school- Early Closure Day September 7

Day of Mourning – NO SCHOOL September 19

National Day of Truth & Reconciliation September 30

Thanksgiving October 10

Provincial PRO-D Day October 21

Early Closures – Early Closure Day October 26 & 27

Remembrance Day holiday November 11

NI Day November 25

Schools close for Christmas break Friday, December 16

Christmas vacation period December 19 to January 2

Schools reopen after Christmas break January 3

NI Day January 27

BC Family Day February 20

Spring break period March 20 – March 31

Schools reopen after spring vacation Monday, April 4

Good Friday April 7

Easter Monday April 10

Regional Pro-D Day April 28

Victoria Day May 22

NI Day June 5

Last Day of School Wednesday, June 28

Administrative Day & Schools closed Thursday, June 29